Device Deployment

As in years past, JHS distributes student computers prior to the start of school.  Due to Covid-19 the process will be a bit different this fall. 

  • Did you miss the deployment in July? - We've added more dates.


The following dates/times for device pick up have been scheduled:

Monday, August 17th 10am-2pm.

Tuesday, August 18th  2-6pm (last check in at 5pm).

Thursday, August 20th  3:30-4:30pm

Monday, August 24th  3:30-4:40pm

Students do NOT need to sign up. 

Plan to be in the cafeteria.

New enrollments need to wait at least 24 hours to give the technology department time to create and activate student accounts.


Families MUST complete the online registration process before the student can receive a computer.


Please email if you have questions about students receiving their computer.