AP Environmental Science 2020-2021
                              Summer Tasks:

*Obtain a copy of The Sixth Extinction from Book Rental

1. Make sure you have an official Jefferson High School email account and send me an email so that I can create a contact group. My email is sgran@lsc.k12.in.us. Due ASAP.

2. Visit the College Board websites about AP Environmental Science (start here). Create an account (on the main AP page) if you do not have one already, and investigate the different resources available. Write a summary of the important information you find. Due the first day of class.

3. Read assigned chapters from The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. I find the book to be an easy-to-read and thought-provoking study on changes in Earth's history, and they relate directly to our studies in AP Environmental Science. Dates are suggested, not due dates so that you can spread the reading out over the course of the summer rather than try to finish all at once.

Description of the assignment:

As you read each chapter, you will complete a Synopsis-Reflection-Discovery ‘journal’ for that chapter.

The Synopsis should summarize the chapter; include main idea(s) with some pertinent details. Think about the author’s purpose for the chapter and how it fits under the ‘umbrella’ of the sixth extinction.
The Reflection section should include what reaction(s) the chapter evokes as you read it – feelings, comparisons, ideas, etc. This is intentionally open-ended! I am interested in your true reactions to each of these chapters.
Finally, the Discovery section, also open-ended, is for you to find something that relates to the content of the chapter, but not part of the book itself. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and make a personal connection between the chapter content and something else -- anything else -- that you see as being related. The discovery can be any form (e.g., photo, diagram/ illustration, song, video, a different book or story…anything that YOU see as connected. You will include the discovery (description of what it is, or the object itself if possible) as well as your explanation of its connection to the chapter.

Please note that the complete by dates are suggested due dates to keep you on track and not rushing to finish at the last minute. I will collect your SRD Journal from you the first week of class. Chapters that we do not read for the summer project we will try to get to during the school year, aligned with related course topics.

Calendar for suggested completion:


Chapter Title


Complete S-R-D by


The Sixth Extinction


June 7


The Original Penguin


June 17


Welcome to the Anthropocene


July 5


The New Pangaea


July 15


The Rhino Gets an Ultrasound


July 25


The Thing with Feathers


August 5